No Charges Expected in Pedestrian Accident – Pueblo Personal Injury Attorney

The Pueblo Chieftain has reported that a man who hit and killed a “woman walking on Interstate 25 early Saturday north of Pueblo likely won’t be cited.” The Colorado State Patrol spokesperson who was interviewed for the report didn’t elaborate on why the man won’t be charged. Both the woman who was hit and the driver were from Colorado Springs.

4,378 people were killed in pedestrian accidents involving automobiles in 2008. According to an article at Walking Info, this averages to around 12 fatalities everyday. Beyond this, there were around 69,000 pedestrian injuries in the same year.

No one who goes for a walk on a sidewalk or near a road expects to be struck by a car. If you or someone you know has been struck by a car and are injured, you need a Colorado Personal Injury Attorney to help you understand your legal options. There are insurance claims that you may be entitled to make and a qualified and experienced attorney can help you with this process. Smith & Smith has the skills and experience you need. For a free review of your case call us today at (719) 544-0062.

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