Colorado Springs Man Launches Car 80 Feet | Pueblo Car Crash Attorney

The Gazette has reported that Colorado Springs police “found and cited the driver of a car that flew off a road and into a small creek in north Colorado Springs Tuesday night.” The driver, 23-year-old Derek Pagan, was seen walking away from the crash around 9:30 PM. He was later tracked down by police and cited for several violations including careless driving. It was estimated that his car had skidded 73 feet before launching some 80 feet through the air and landing upside down in a foot and a half of water. Pagan was treated for minor injuries. One officer was quoted to have said, “Pretty incredible for anyone to survive that.”

According to the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), there were 290 fatal automobile accidents in Colorado in 2008. In 46 of these accidents, speed was determined to be a contributing factor. It is imperative that all drivers obey speed limits and safety signs while on Colorado road ways. The consequences of speeding can be deadly. Luckily for the man in the story reported by The Gazette, his careless driving didn’t kill him or someone else.

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