Pueblo Rollover Accident Leaves One Dead and One Seriously Injured | Pueblo Car Accident Attorney

According to KKTV, a crash in Fremont County has left one man dead and another with serious injuries. The driver of a Ford Ranger apparently lost control of his vehicle while traveling on Highway 50, crashed into a sign, and then rolled multiple times. Sadly, the passenger died on the scene of the Pueblo car accident, while the driver was flown to St. Mary Corwin in Pueblo with serious injuries. Even though both of the vehicle occupants were wearing their seatbelts, rollover accidents are often tragic.

Vehicles, such as Sport Utility Vehicles, Jeeps, and pickup trucks, are involved in rollover accidents at a higher rate than other vehicles, due to their higher center of gravity. Since the SUV’s popularity has increased, so has the rate of rollover accidents. In fact, since 1991, the rate of rollover accidents has nearly doubled.

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