Fatigued Driving Causes Another Fatal Pueblo Car Crash | Pueblo Car Accident Lawyer

The fatal Pueblo car accident occurred on Colorado 50 Business when a Dodge Ram pickup truck drifted off of the side of the road and collided with a pole. The 34-year-old, James Patti was heading east of Pueblo when he veered off course and ran into a pole. The Colorado State Patrol believes that Patti may have fallen asleep at the wheel, causing the tragic and fatal accident. According to the Colorado Connection, James Patti died instantly at the scene and there is an investigation to determine exactly what happened during the crash.

Fatigued driving is considered the “silent killer” on the road according to The Week. One in every five fatal car accidents is the result of the driver falling asleep at the wheel. The NHSTA conducted a survey and found that 16.5 percent of fatal accidents involved drowsy drivers. Being tired while driving decreases your sense of awareness and does not allow drivers to react as quickly to unexpected occurrences that happen on the road.

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