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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that the toy company, Henry Gordy International, Inc. of Plainfield, N.J, has agreed to a settlement in a failure to report a product safety defect case concerning one of their toys. A toy gun known as the Auto Fire Target Set, included the plastic gun, plastic darts, and a small target. It was determined by the CPSC that the small plastic darts were a serious choking hazard for children. Even more disturbing, however, it was also determined that the Henry Gordy company knew of this potentially deadly risk and failed to report the issue or recall the product. Three deaths had been associated with the toy and the CPSC instantly took action. Henry Gordy agreed to pay the penalty of $1,100,000 but declined ultimate responsibility. Total recall of the product has been issued nationwide.

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Safety commissions such as the CPSC are dedicated to the safety of the public when concerning commercial products. According to, death and injuries, and even property damage caused from consumer products cost the nation more than 900 billion dollars annually. It is the responsibility of the manufactures, distributors and the retailers to report any defects or potentially harmful aspects of the products to the CPSC immediately.

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