Accident At The Speer Blvd. Overpass Across I-25 in Denver

truck-accidentA commercial truck driver was ticketed in connection with an accident at the Speer Blvd. overpass across I-25 in Denver, according to 9 News. Road signs warn well in advance of a clearance that some semi-trucks can’t make in certain lanes, but the driver in this case was in the wrong lane, and hit the overpass. Chunks of concrete and metal debris came down on the road, damaging four cars, and seriously injuring the driver of one. A Denver Police spokesman indicated that the woman was seriously injured but is expected to survive. She had two children in the car with her; the children were not injured. The bridge itself sustained minor damage, but engineers have determined that it is still safe.

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With an incredible difference in size and weight from passenger vehicles, commercial semi-trucks have the potential to create terrible wrecks. When a truck strikes a car directly, it is quite common for serious injury or death to result. In some cases, those who are injured in these kinds of crashes have serious traumatic brain injuries, which may result in completely changed life and a lifetime of medical bills. While these bills will keep mounting forever, the trucking companies lawyers will probably be fighting hard to make sure that those expenses aren’t their problem. Even if their driver was negligent in the accident.

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