Rising Tension Between Motorists And Cyclists

The Denver Post reports on rising tension in recent years between motorists and cyclists in Jefferson County. It seems that every year, more and more cyclists use the roads in the foothills to enjoy the scenic beauty of Colorado. Of course, this is something that motorists also do. There also seems to be an increasing number of incidents of conflict between motorists and cyclists. Sometimes these conflicts arise from cyclists who violate traffic laws or safety, and sometimes it arises from motorists who are either not paying attention to cyclists, or behave aggressively toward them. Various police agencies run patrols in areas that are especially known for these situations, in an effort to reduce their incidence. In many cases, citations are issued to motorists and cyclists over failure to observe traffic laws.

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Each year, several hundred cyclists are killed in bicycle accidents nationwide. With the large number of cyclists here in Colorado, we seem to get more than our share of them. While these numbers are not huge, in any give accident, the danger of catastrophic injury or death to a cyclist when hit by a car is extreme. Bicycle simply don’t provide their riders with the inherent protections of cars, and regardless of who caused the accident, the cyclist is likely to be far worse off than the driver of the car. It is therefore vital that every bicyclist and every driver pay close attention to their surroundings, in order to avoid these collisions.

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