Use Extra Caution When Driving in Winter Weather

trafficThis winter has already been brutal, and Colorado has seen plenty of snow, ice, and freezing rain. This wintery weather mix can be particularly dangerous for anyone who needs to drive on Colorado roads. While the best way to avoid catastrophic and deadly Colorado car accidents is to stay indoors during bad weather, there are times when individuals are forced to hit the roads. If you are driving in winter weather this season, here are several important safety tips to keep in mind.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter—your car should be winterized prior to heading out. This means carefully checking your tires to be sure they have enough tread and that they are properly inflated. You will also want to check your fluid levels to ensure that you have enough antifreeze in your car and windshield wiper solution.

Make an Emergency Car Kit—the Colorado Department of Transportation suggests that all drivers prepare an emergency kit for unknown situations. You should have a stocked first aid kit, working road flares, a scraper, snowbrush, coat, hat, gloves, blanket, flashlight, tire chains, matches, a gallon of water, and nonperishable food in your car.

Use Extra Caution when Driving—when driving in winter weather, be sure to maintain a longer distance behind other drivers. Never go faster than the posted speed limit signs and always keep your full attention on the road. If your cellphone is distracting, consider turning it off during your drive.

Listen to the News—before you head out, check with local news channels and weather apps to be sure you are not caught unprepared. If roads are closed or there are accidents already on the roads, you can avoid unnecessary delays and dangerous situations by changing your route ahead of time.

Icy Roads are Deadly

Colorado roads can be especially treacherous in winter weather. Even when roads look cleared, black ice can be deadly. Icy roads account for 467 fatalities every year across the United States, and 16 of those fatalities occurred in Colorado alone. This accounts for 70% of all winter road deaths.

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