Surgeons are Most Likely Professionals to Cause Car Accidents

trafficAccording to an analysis of 2 million insurance claims, surgeons and general practitioners are tops on the list of drivers most likely to cause a car accident. In fact, the top ten list of most accident-prone drivers includes an alarming number of healthcare professionals. conducted the investigation which found surgeons and GPs to be at greater risk, by almost 100 times, of causing an accident than a mortgage broker. The analysts determined that for every 1,000 surgeon drivers, 361 of them filed an at-fault claim within the last five years, while only 3.5 of 1000 mortgage brokers did the same.

Furthermore, the research showed that healthcare professionals held 9 of the top 10 slots for most accident-prone drivers. Hospital consultants, nurses, and home healthcare specialists were also on the list. Probation officers rounded out the top ten.

Auto insurance experts believe part of the reason for the at-fault accident claims table being dominated by one industry could have something to do with the extreme stress those individuals experience and their lack of adequate rest.

In stark contrast, office workers filed the least amount of at-fault claims.

Perhaps the most shocking statistic showed that carnival workers and slaughter house employees were among the safest drivers on the road.

Insurers use these statistics on occupational accident risk to supply quotes to consumers.

Annual Car Accident Statistics

With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, accidents are commonplace. Luckily, many of these accidents are minor and result in minimal injuries or property damage.

However, there are over 6 million car accidents in the United States every year that contribute to more than 3 million injuries. Over half of those are permanent, life-altering injuries. Other startling statistics include:

  • Car accidents cause 40,000 fatalities every year
  • Drunk drivers are responsible for approximately 40% of annual car accident deaths
  • Speeding is to blame for about 30% of car accident fatalities
  • Reckless drivers are responsible for about 33% of accidents

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