Product Defects in Automobiles Can Destroy Your Life

Product defects in automobiles can lead to serious injuries, which can affect every aspect of a person’s life—as well as the lives of family members. Consumers want to believe that all parts of their vehicle are manufactured to be safe and efficient, and rarely imagine these parts and products could leave them injured, impaired, and unable to work. The root of the problem could be a design flaw, a manufacturing defect or lack of safety warnings, and any or all of these things could be considered negligence on the part of the designer, manufacturer, distributor or retailer.

The manufacturer has a responsibility to warn the public of potential dangers, and ensure the warnings are adequate and never misleading. Automobile accidents resulting from defective product are usually tragic and a total surprise to those involved in the accident. In many cases, it can take years for a defective product’s dangerous human impact to become apparent to the public.

Manufacturing Defects vs. Design Defects

Differentiating between manufacturing and design defects is one of the most crucial steps in crafting a successful vehicle defect liability lawsuit. A manufacturing defect is the result of an error or flaw in the manufacturing process in a departure from the stated design of the vehicle. Manufacturing defects could include a flaw in the welding process, or improperly installed floor mats leading to unintended acceleration. A recent airbag recall is one of the most recent manufacturing defects to hit the auto industry. Storage issues may have caused Takata airbags to explode upon the slightest impact, sending shards of metal ricocheting around the car.

Design defects affect the entire product line and include such things as a poorly designed accelerator pedals or gas tanks installed in an area prone to crashes and explosions (such as the rear end). A recent string of design defects has plagued the auto industry and has included faulty ignition switches and sticky accelerator pedals. Most recently, GM recalled more than 13.8 million vehicles in 2014 alone—more than the number of cars they sold in the last 5 years!

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