June Crash Highlights the Dangers of Hit and Run Accidents

dangerous crossingA hit and run accident in June resulting in one man in intensive care with multiple injuries, highlights the dangers of hit and run accidents.

Forty-five-year-old Christopher Baca was riding his motorcycle through the intersection of Interstate 70 frontage road and Kipling Street in Wheat Ridge one night when he was struck by a white Ford Dooley pickup truck.

The driver of the truck was making a left turn at the intersection and failed to stop after hitting Christopher. The truck continued with its left turn even as it rolled over Christopher and his bike.

Christopher’s family is horrified that a person could do such a thing, and vows to find the guilty party as Christopher begins his long recovery from a broken femur, ruptured pelvis, and injuries to his internal organs.

Bystanders tended to Christopher until emergency personnel could arrive, however, none of them could identify the hit and run driver.

Statistics show that 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or fatalities. During 2012, in Colorado alone, there were 75 rider fatalities.

Hit and Run Accidents in Colorado

Without a doubt, any accident- especially a motorcycle accident- is serious. The danger increases, however, when the person who causes the accident flees the scene. When this happens, the accident can lead to criminal charges. If serious or fatal injuries are a result of the accident, the offender could face jail or prison time.

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In Colorado, as in other states, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. Failing to stop and render aid to someone you have just struck with your vehicle is not only a criminal offense, it is also exceptionally dangerous to the victim. When accident victims are deprived of timely medical attention, their injuries can worsen and even lead to death.

Victims of hit and run accidents, and their families, are left to bear the burden of the expenses related to the accident, such as:

·         Medical expenses

·         Therapy and rehabilitation costs

·         Pain and suffering

·         Lost wages

·         Funeral expenses in a fatal accident

A hit and run accident will no doubt elicit a criminal investigation. However, it could take some time to apprehend the at-fault driver. Accident-related expenses will begin to accumulate rapidly, and insurance companies may be reluctant to pay injury claims.

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