Colorado Motorcycle Deaths in 2015

race in the desertWhile the total number of statewide motorcycle fatalities for the year is running about average, there have already been 12 deaths since June. The Colorado Department of Transportation generally anticipates more fatalities as the weather becomes warmer. This number, however, is still disheartening.

So far there have been 52 Colorado motorcycle deaths in 2015 – four just in Larimer County alone. According to a database maintained by the Coloradoan, that is already one more fatality than all of 2014.

Last year, Colorado reported 92 deaths from motorcycle accidents. According to the CDOT, 97 percent of those fatalities were male.

In an attempt to reduce the number of motorcycle deaths, a new campaign has been launched by the CDOT encouraging motorists to be extra vigilant in regards to sharing the roads with motorcycles.

Colorado Motorcycle Accidents

There are nearly 200,000 registered motorcycles in the state of Colorado. In addition, Colorado is a popular travel destination for motorcycle enthusiasts because of its breath-taking terrain and boundless hospitality. With all those riders, and endless stretches of challenging roadways, sometimes the unthinkable happens.

In a collision involving a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle, the occupants of the car have a 98% chance of surviving the crash, while the motorcyclist has a 98% chance of being fatally injured. In order to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents on our highways and streets, everyone who uses the road should learn to be more aware. Drivers of passenger vehicles should learn to recognize motorcyclists as legitimate vehicles whose riders are more vulnerable to injuries.

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Additionally, motorcyclists should take steps to increase visibility, and wear helmets and protective gear. Protective gear can help reduce the severity of injuries such as road rash, while helmets reduce a rider’s risk of suffering a fatal head injury by one-third.

According to the NHTSA, most accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle occur at intersections or during a lane change, and are the result of the other vehicle violating the motorcyclist’s right-of-way. Operators of passenger cars need to understand that motorcyclists have all the same rights as other four (and more)-wheeled vehicles on the road.

These motorists can help prevent deadly motorcycle accidents by observing the following tips:

·         Don’t drive distracted

·         Share the road- allow motorcycles their full lane

·         Know where your blind spots are and check them before performing lane changes

·         Don’t tailgate. In dry conditions a motorcycle can stop much more quickly than a car

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