NFL Accidents Highlight the Dangers of TBI

Artistic blue brain exray | Dangers of TBIAs a professional football player, Wes Walker has quite a long list of accolades and accomplishments. He’s a three-time AFC champion, three-time NFL receptions leader, four-time All-Pro selection, and five-time Pro Bowler. Unfortunately, he’s also the recipient of, at least, six concussions.

He also recently signed a one-year deal with the receiver-poor St. Louis Rams. That’s good news for the Rams- getting a great deal on a player with a top notch resume just when they need him most.

It might not, however, be such good news for Welker- a talented player, still in his early 30s with many years ahead of him, but already with a long history of concussion-causing blows to the head. While he has been cleared to play by the country’s leading concussion specialist, who is also a member of the NFL’s Head, Neck, and Spine Committee, one has to wonder if it’s really worth the risk.

Welker’s clearance to play may not do much to improve the league’s already tarnished image in regards to the safety and health of its player’s brains. Even former teammates have spoken out about Welker retiring for medical reasons. He could, after all, be only one blow away from seriously jeopardizing his quality of life.

Traumatic Brain Injuries can Also Occur in Car Accidents

A concussion is a form of mild traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any impairment to the brain caused by a blow or jolt to the head. TBIs can temporarily interrupt normal brain function, but can have lasting cognitive, physical and emotional consequences.

Symptoms of concussion can include headaches, memory loss, nausea, fatigue and decreased coordination or balance- with or without loss of consciousness.

It is common for service members and athletes to sustain multiple concussions, or a condition known as cumulative concussion. Concussions and other forms of TBI are also among the most dangerous and common injuries a person can sustain in a car accident. The severity can range from a concussion to serious and permanent disabilities, or death.

Dubbed, the silent epidemic, it is estimated that 5.3 million people in the USA currently live with disabilities from traumatic brain injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 80,000 Americans are disabled each year, and that over 50,000 more die as a result of TBI.

Some of the lasting and debilitating dangers of TBI include:

  • Seizures,
  • Vision problems,
  • Cognitive deficits,
  • Aggression,
  • Depression, sometimes leading to suicide,
  • Progressive dementia, and
  • Premature death.

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