The 13 Most Dangerous Intersections in Pueblo

Pueblo, Colorado Flags - Backlit with Cloud | The 13 Most Dangerous Intersections in PuebloUsing data from 2014, the PPD has put together a list of the most dangerous intersections in Pueblo.

Kathleen Krager, the traffic engineering division manager for the city of Colorado Springs says the information gained from compiling the list is used to identify areas where city traffic engineers can implement modifications to improve driver safety. What concerns her most is the areas that make the list that don’t have a very high traffic volume.

Most of the areas that made the list, however, did not surprise Krager. Several of the intersections that made this list, also made the list of busiest intersections. Many of them, too, involve highway or interstate exchanges. Krager wants drivers to know that this doesn’t mean highways and interstates are intrinsically more dangerous, just that navigating them requires an added level of caution.

The Pueblo intersections with the greatest number of accidents include:

  1. Highway 50 / Elizabeth Street – 49 accidents
  2. I-25 exit 101 / HWY 47 – 40 accidents
  3. HWY 47 / Cesar Chavez (University Blvd) and Dillon Drive – 34 accidents
  4. HWY 50A and Fortino Blvd / Morris Avenue – 31 accidents
  5. Northern Avenue and Prairie Avenue – 29 accidents
  6. HWY 45 / Pueblo Blvd and Northern Avenue (HWY 78) – 24 accidents
  7. I-25 exit 100B 29th Street / West 29th Street – 20 accidents
  8. HWY 47 / Jerry Murphy Road – 18 accidents
  9. HWY 50B / Bonforte Blvd and Hudson Avenue – 18 accidents
  10. HWY 50A / Club Manor Drive – 16 accidents
  11. HWY 45 Pueblo Blvd and HWY 96 Thatcher Avenue – 15 accidents
  12. I-25 exit 102 Eagleridge and Eagleridge Blvd – 15 accidents
  13. HWY 50A and Outlook Blvd – 15 accidents

Drivers who must frequent these intersections say some of them are congested, scary, and confusing. In fact, some drivers say they try to avoid certain intersections when they can. Krager wants drivers to know there’s no need to avoid these areas- the greater number of accidents has more to do with the higher volume of traffic and not because the intersections themselves are dangerous.

Instead, she warns motorists to slow down while traveling through them. The most serious accidents occur when there is a large disparity between the slowest drivers and the fastest drivers, she notes. By slowing down and observing the posted speed limit, motorists could avoid many serious accidents.

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