Why Children Have a Hard Time Safely Crossing the Street

girl in red crossing the street | Children Have a Hard Time Safely Crossing the StreetAs an adult, you have probably crossed the street so many times that you rarely think about it one way or another. You assess the traffic, watch the signs and cross, without thinking much about it one way or another. It is important to remember, that this simple process may be anything but simple for a child. The University of Iowa has released new research which definitively shows that children have a hard time safely crossing the street. In fact, children up to the age of 14 lack the necessary motor skills and perceptual judgment to consistently cross a busy street without placing themselves in harm’s way.

Children between the ages of 6 and 14 were placed in a simulated—yet realistic—environment, then asked to cross a lane of busy traffic a number of times. In results which will surprise many parents, children as old as thirteen were unable to consistently cross the busy street safety, and the six-year-olds had accident rates of 8 percent. The fourteen-year-olds were able to navigate the busy street successfully every time, and while the 12-year-olds exhibited inferior motor skills, they did understand that their safety increased when they chose bigger gaps in traffic.

Children under the age of 12 were not able to consistently identify gaps in traffic which were large enough to cross safely, and also lacked the fine motor skills necessary to understand that crossing should take place immediately after the last car passed them by. Add to this dangerous mix the fact that children younger than fourteen often allow their eagerness to cross, or their lack of wanting to wait to outweigh their reason when attempting to determine the best time to cross a busy street.

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During the study, researchers found that many of the younger children—and even some of the older ones—stood off the curb while waiting. The final tally for accidents according to age: 6-year-olds were struck by a vehicle 8 percent of the time when crossing the street, 8-year-olds were struck 6 percent of the time when crossing the street, 10-year-olds were struck 5 percent of the time, and 12-year-olds were struck 2 percent of the time.

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