Red Light Accident Involving Train Results in Only Minor Injuries

railroad crossing sign against sky | Red Light Accident Involving Train Results in Only Minor InjuriesEarlier this month a light rail train accident occurred after a Denver driver ran a red light. The RTD said that the woman ran the red light in the area of Park Avenue and Welton Street in downtown and was immediately smashed between the train and a pole. Firefighters at the scene of the red light accident had to pry the woman out of the car, but she miraculously only suffered minor injuries.

Running a red light is a dangerous and risky driving behavior. In fact, in 2014 alone, red light runnners were responsible for an estimated 126,000 injuries and more than 700 deaths. The Insurance institute for Highway Safety study of all urban crashes concluded that accidents caused by red light runners were the most common type of crash and these accidents led to injuries in nearly 40% of all those crashes.

How often do red light accidents occur?

A recent study done in Fairfax, Va, found that on average a motorist ran a red light every 20 minutes. During peak travel times, this red light running was even more frequent. In 2015, a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey found that 94% of people said it is unacceptable to run through a red light. However, 39% of those people also reported doing so themselves in the last 30 days.

What drivers run red lights more often?

A separate 2014 study of fatal red light running multiple-vehicle crashes, found that red light runners were more likely to be male, to be younger, and to have prior driving convictions or crashes. They were also more likely to be impaired at the time of the accident. An earlier study conducted in 1996 also discovered that as a group red light runners were less likely to wear their seat belts and they were more than 3x as likely to have multiple speeding convictions on their driving record.

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Why do drivers run red lights?

Most drivers run red lights because they are in a hurry. They may be late for work or for an appointment or they simply hate waiting at red lights. As a result, they may accelerate quickly to try to “make the light” and as a result run through a red light and into another vehicle. Studies have shown, however, that running red lights only saves seconds off of your travel time – and the risk is simply not worth it.

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