Motorcycle Spring Maintenance Tips

Biker in sunglasses and leather jacket on the road | Motorcycle Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is finally here in Colorado and motorcyclists from all over the state will soon be heading out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Planning some epic Colorado motorcycle rides should be top on your list this season – including motorcycling favorites like the Walden Loop, Black Canyon Run, and the San Juan Mountain Skyway. But before you hit the open road, it is important to perform a little spring maintenance on your bike. This includes a full tune-up and close inspection of all your important safety gear. Here are our motorcycle spring maintenance tips:

  • Check Your Fuel System – if your bike was stored all winter long with gasoline in the tank, this could cause your bike to run rough. It can also cause a buildup that could clog your injectors, jets, filters, and lines. Condensation could also form inside of your tank, causing an even more serious problem. Before you fill the tank with high octane fuel, be sure you have addressed all of your fuel system problems.
  • Check Your Battery – your battery may not be working very well if it has been stored in the cold all winter long. Many motorcyclists keep their batteries on a trickle charger to combat dead battery issues. If you didn’t do this, you may want to check your battery fluid levels and be sure your battery is operating at 100%.
  • Tire Checks – tires are extremely important on motorcycles and will help you grip the road better and avoid serious accidents. When your tire tread is low, it can cause serious and sometimes fatal motorcycle accidents. Check the tread on your tire and look for uneven wear. If your tire tread is low or your tires have worn unevenly, consider replacing them before you head out to ride.
  • Oil and Fluids Check – fluid levels can drop when motorcycles are stored over the winter months. Before you head out, check your oil and consider changing it. Also be sure to check your brake fluid and coolant fluids and top them off as necessary.
  • Check Your Headlights – Be sure that your headlights are working properly and that your turn signals and braking lights are all in proper condition. If your light is broken or not working, be sure to have this repaired before you hit the roads. Motorcycles without proper lights will be even more difficult to see on the road – leading to serious and often fatal accidents.
  • Check Your Gear – it may have just been months since you rode, but your motorcycle gear should still be inspected. Be sure your boots, jackets, riding gloves, and helmets are all in top condition. They will not offer any protection if they are worn or broken.

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