Mickey W. Smith – Mediation

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Mickey SmithIn more than 43 years of law practice, Mickey W. Smith has successfully participated in hundreds of mediations, settlement conferences and jury trials including:

  • work as defense counsel for the U.S. Army in Federal Tort claims;
  • as private insurance defense counsel; and
  • as counsel for injured plaintiffs

all of which have given him a broad-based insight into the role of the trial advocate and case mediator in claims resolution.

Mickey has completed the CBA training in the theory and practice of mediation and is now expanding his practice to include offering EVALUATIVE MEDIATION for Colorado litigants.

However, before agreeing to HIRE or CHOOSE him as your mediator, you should know that he is a trial lawyer and believes passionately in the jury trial system. Mickey believes that not all cases can or should be resolved through mediation, but that the value mediation provides should be considered in every case.

You should consider hiring Mickey as your mediator:

  • if you are willing to prepare and provide a confidential settlement conference statement with highlighted “on point” attachments;
  • if you have established goals for the mediation; and
  • if you are willing to identify and discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case and your opponent’s position.

Do not select Mickey as your mediator:

  • If you only want to shuttle numbers between pre-set positions;
  • If you do not want him to contact the “decision maker”; or
  • If you do not want to confront the best and worst most likely outcomes if the case is not settled.

the logo of Pueblo personal injury and car accident attorney Mickey W. SmithMickey’s goal as mediator is to help obtain a fast, fair, cost efficient and reality-based case resolution. Call the Pueblo law office of Micky W. Smith at 719-544-0062 today to learn more.