How Does Colorado Rank for Deadliest Car Crashes?

man frustrated in his car | Colorado Deadly Car Crash RankResidents of the Mile High State know all too well the perils of commuting here. Heavy volumes of traffic mixed with unpredictable weather patterns can cause horrific and even fatal car accidents. But how does Colorado compare to the rest of the country when it comes to deadly car crashes? Learn about the current Colorado Deadly Car Crash Rank by reading below.

Surprisingly, Colorado falls in the middle of the states for motor vehicle crash deaths. A new report by 24/7 Wall St examined the motor vehicle death rates for 2016 from every state. Colorado ranked 31st for deadly car accidents, and per 100,000 drivers, there were 11 road deaths here. This was on par with the national average of 11.6. 

Another interesting fact from the study was that the deadliest holiday in 2016 in Colorado wasn’t New Year’s or even Fourth of July – it was Labor Day! There were 14 fatal crashes across the state that day alone. 

States with the Highest Crash Death Rates

The states with the highest crash death rates were mostly located in the South. The safest states were mostly located in the Northeast. According to the data, the most dangerous states for fatal car accidents were: 

  1. Mississippi (23.1)
  2. Alabama (21.3)
  3. South Carolina (20.5)
  4. New Mexico (19.3)
  5. Wyoming (19.1)

A major factor in a state’s fatality rate is how much of that state is rural. Rural roads are notoriously dangerous. In fact, 44% of the fatal motor vehicle accidents in Colorado occurred on rural roads. All of the top 10 most dangerous states had a larger portion of rural roads than the national average. 

Rural roads tend to have higher speed limits, reduced visibility, poor lighting, and fewer safety features. They’re also more likely to be lined with trees or telephone poles, which can add to the danger.  In addition, rural roads are more likely to see wild animals darting across the path – further increasing the dangers of getting into a fatal car accident.

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