Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Choosing a Pueblo Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Colorado motorcyclists understand that during an accident, they risk suffering more severe injuries than motorists in cars and trucks do. The financial impact of these injuries is also elevated, as Colorado motorcycle accident injuries commonly result not only in the need for extended rehabilitation, but also in permanent disability. As a result, it is important for Colorado motorcyclists to understand some of the more common motorcycle accident injuries, and the importance of securing qualified legal representation following a Colorado motorcycling accident. 

  • Concussions & brain damage: Mandatory helmet laws cannot fully eliminate head injuries, and thus, these remain exceedingly common. Minor head injuries, also known as concussions, are notoriously slow to heal and can lead to long term disability if not treated properly. Traumatic brain injuries are more severe and can lead to permanent and irreparable brain damage, requiring extensive lifetime care. 
  • Partial paralysis: Partial paralysis is commonly known as ‘biker’s arm’, and regaining function is only a possibility with extensive physical therapy and pain management. 
  • Cosmetic damage: Initial expenses in repairing disfiguring injuries are quite costly and often require multiple surgeries and skin grafts. 
  • Road Rash: In any Colorado motorcycle accident, soft tissue damage is a given. While bumps, cuts, and scrapes do not sound severe, they can result in debilitating (and sometimes permanent) symptoms, disfigurement, and pain. 
  • Broken & impaired joints: Damage to the pelvis and/or shoulder is a very common motorcycle accident injury, and can result in lasting disability that requires expensive rehabilitation and ongoing care. 
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Any traumatic Colorado motorcycle accident can lead to a spinal cord injury and the possibility of permanent paralysis. Spinal cord victims face a difficult future full of compounding medical bills and rehabilitation. 

Legal Assistance Following Motorcycle Accident Injuries 

Colorado has many laws designed to help riders who have been injured in a crash, but receiving the full benefit of these laws requires the help of an attorney that specializes in both motorcycle accidents and personal injury law. The severity of injuries received in a motorcycle accident demands that victims exercise their full rights under the law to recover compensation for medical expenses, therapy bills, lost wages, and damages. Any Colorado rider that has been involved in a motorcycle crash is advised to seek counsel immediately. Pueblo motorcycle accident attorneys Smith & Smith can help.

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